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My Wheels

Memphis Red

My tow-vehicle is a 1997 Dodge Ram Van 2500.  When I purchased it a few years ago in Memphis (before I was an RVer), I immediately had some seats removed and folded out the bed in the back.  It became my bedroom-on-wheels and served as my own little RV on some of my previous adventures.

It was quite comfortable for awhile.  In fact, I slept through a 5-degree ice storm in Oklahoma once. It was perfect for  those long trips when I would just pull over and take a catnap.  On many occasions I even took naps in it when I was playing poker at the casinos.

And, aside from the many times I  I didn’t want to bother with hotel rooms, I had a few extended adventures in it, as well.  Once I camped down the Oregon coast  for 3 weeks.  On another occasion I camped for a week in the Texas countryside (and payed for the trip playing poker on my laptop).

Many, many memories…

But alas, I had to remove the bed in 2012 in preparation for The Ultimate Journey.
After all, I had to make room for storage and…

Crash-Test Dummy

My little 50-cc scooter has been used and abused.  During my years in Reno I rode Crash-Test Dummy pretty much everywhere.  I ride it wherever I can, now — dependent on state laws.  Much of the time, I’m confined to my RV park, which is fine also — it actually comes in handy in getting to and from the facilities and is perfect when I want to do a bit of sightseeing within the park.

Crash-Test Dummy is incredibly resilient.  So far it’s been through 2 nasty wrecks, hit by a drunk driver, and taken on some ill-advised off-roading adventures.  It’s beaten up, cracked in several places, missing a few parts, and weather-damaged — but still runs like a dream!

Here’s a shot of the entire crew — all twelve wheels.  (This was my maiden-voyage
from Reno to Susanville, California…)

I suspect this second-hand outfit will stay together for quite awhile.  If I make it to all 48 states
with this whole crew intact, I’ll be very pleased.

Scooter Wreck

Backup Camera

Van Garage

Coolant Leak

Scooter Wreck II

Last updated August 29, 2012